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Tanning Haven carries the largest selection of lotions in town, but what is the difference and which lotion is right for you? The answer is probably more than one type of lotion. Tanning lotions are grouped in levels just like the different levels of tanning beds. As your tan darkens a step up in lotion level will help you achieve an even deeper, darker tan.

Every indoor tanning lotion is different. Some are moisturizers. Some are tanning

accelerators. Some are bronzers. Some contain special ingredients to make the surface of

your skin feel warm or cool. Most lotions do not contain SPF or sun protectant factor,

because they are designed to enhance your tan.

We recommend trying a packet before purchasing a bottle to make sure the lotion is right

 for you.

Types of Indoor Tanning Lotions

Accelerators: These are level one tanning products for people just beginning the indoor tanning process. Accelerators are designed to help people achieve a base tan. These usually contain a large amount of moisturizers because moisturized skin tans much better, faster and has the ability to hold tan longer.

Maximizers: These are level two tanning products for people who have reached a base tan and want to continue tanning. Unlike accelerators, maximizers do not contain high levels of moisturizers. For this reason it should only be applied directly before starting a tanning session.

Tingle: This is a special type of lotion that many refer to as a level three product however, some companies have different methods of naming the levels of their products. Usually found in maximizers it contains chemicals that cause reddening and increase blood flow to the skin. Tingles come in both heated and cooled formulas. It speeds up the repair process of skin causing it to tan faster. Tingle can be very uncomfortable for many people although use over time does build up a tolerance to it. When you use these products you will experience a mild tingling, reddening and warming sensation on the skin%u2019s surface. You might want to test these tanning lotions on a small area at first, because they can cause reactions for people with delicate or highly sensitive skin.

Bronzers: This feature is found in accelerators and maximizer lotions. It is a sunless self-tanner that is mixed into the lotion for instant results. The trick is to give fake results while the skin tans underneath and plays catch up. Its best to find one that is streak free to avoid the orange or uneven look.

Some common ingredients in lotions and their benefits.

Hemp Seed Oil: This is added to many tanning lotions to help nourish and moisturize the skin. This oil is a very beneficial and rich ingredient for hydrating the skin.

Body Blush: Very similar to tingle but without the heat and prickly feeling. Made for people who want the effect of tingle but have sensitive skin and low tolerance for a tingle.

Anti Aging: These ingredient has properties and vitamins that protect the skin from premature aging.

Shimmer: This added feature give the skin a luminous glow. Some will have a glittery look.

Caffeine: Added to lotions to help reduce puffiness and energize the skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Should not be used by people on caffeine free diets or sensitive to caffeine. It does absorb into the body.

Silicon: This is a mineral added to lotions to condition skin. It has moisturizing properties.

Beta Carotene: Vitamin A that supports pigment coloration of the skin.

DHA: This is usually found within bronzer lotions. It reacts with the skin to make a stain promoting a fake tan. It can be combined with other bronzers to enhance the skin and make it even darker. To reach a more natural bronze look select a bronzer that is DHA free.

Vitamin E: Renews and softens the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.


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