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Tanning Haven Beds

** Lock in your low monthly price now.  As we add new equipment, your monthly rates will stay locked in and upgrades will be offered at a discounted rate.  Stay tuned for more information.
Standard Beds
Base Beds: Tan America 30 and 32 bulb beds featuring both standard and bronzing bulbs. 25 minute maximum exposure time.
Stand Up Bed: International Tan 46 three zone bulbs. 15 minute maximum exposure.
Premier Bed: 6,720 watts penetrates deeper for a longer lasting tan. 15 minute maximum exposure.
High Pressure Beds
Ultrabronz: 21,000 total watts. Comfortable mattress with 12 minute maximum exposure per side. Equal to approximately 6-8 tans in only 24 minutes. 48 hour wait before tanning again.
Matrix: 22,240 total watts. 6 facial tanners. 12 minute maximum exposure. Equal to approximately 6-8 visits in a regular bed in only 12 minutes. 48 hour wait before tanning again.
Australian Gold Designer Skin Swedish Beauty California Tan
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