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Tanning Haven Beds:
Standard Beds:
Base Beds: Tan America 30 and 32 bulb beds featuring both standard and bronzing bulbs. 25 minute maximum exposure time.
Stand Up Bed: International Tan 46 three zone bulbs. 15 minute maximum exposure.

High Pressure Beds:

Mini striker Bed: Featuring 32 bulbs. 16 Very High Output equal to the bulbs featured in the Premier and 16 High Output bronzing bulbs. It is recommended to flip in this bed to get a more even color. 15 minute maximum exposure. 48 hour wait before tanning again.

Premier Bed: 6,720 watts penetrates deeper for a longer lasting tan. 15 minute maximum exposure. Non filtered bed recommended for the experienced tanner.  48 hour wait before tanning again.
Ultrabronz: 21,000 total watts. Comfortable mattress with 12 minute maximum exposure per side. Equal to approximately 6-8 tans in only 24 minutes.  UVB filtered bed to prevent burning. 48 hour wait before tanning again.
Matrix: 22,240 total watts. 6 facial tanners. 12 minute maximum exposure. Equal to approximately 6-8 visits in a regular bed in only 12 minutes. UVB filtered bed to prevent burning.  48 hour wait before tanning again.
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